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How much is the cost of accommodation and where can I stay while I'm studying in Taupo, New Zealand?

Students while studying in New Zealand have the following options for accommodation:


Homestay in Taupo, New Zealand costs between NZ$180~240 per week. This will include a room, breakfast, dinner and lunch on the weekends; students generally buy their own lunch during school days. Most English language  school students spend at least a few months in homestay, which is considered the best way to improve their English. High and primary school students usually stay in a New Zealand homestay.

Student accommodation:

Student accommodation in Taupo, New Zealand is generally a room or a bed in a house or university hall of residence. Students generally share the facilities such as kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Utilities such as water and electricity are usually included in the weekly rent. Students staying in New Zealand student accommodation don't have to buy anything because most things are provided. This makes life easy for the students because they don't have to deal with bills and the need to buy items of furniture etc.

Room in flat/apartment per week:

A room in a Taupo, New Zealand house or flat is what most long term students studying in New Zealand opt for. Students share the cost of the weekly rent, the utility charges and the cleaning etc.....


Backpackers in Taupo, New Zealand are suitable for short term stays or for students who or in the process of looking for something more suitable. A bed in a dormitory and shared kitchen and bathroom is usually the norm.

About Taupo:

>Taupo is situated next to lake Taupo - New Zealand's largest lake, stunning region in the centre of the North Island of New Zealand.

>Taupo is a tourist centre and popular New Zealand holiday destination. There's something for everyone in and around the Taupo area. If you're an adrenalin Junky, or enjoy  fishing, sailing, tramping/hiking/walking, fine dining, stunning scenery, fresh air, hot springs and relaxation then Taupo is the place for you.

> Taupo is within  comfortable driving distance of New Zealand North island skiing region

>The population of Taupo is about 23,000,but increases with visitor numbers.

>The weather in Taupo: Taupo has warm summers and cool, but fresh winters -very nice for the many hot springs in the Taupo area!

>Getting to Taupo: Taupo just over 200 km south of Auckland, and is easily accessible by road .There are flights from most most major centres of New Zealand. Flying time from Auckland, Taupo's nearest major International airport is about 45 minutes.

Cost of accommodation in Taupo, New Zealand.
The below costs are average, weekly rents.
Student accommodation:..........................................NZ$120~190
Homestay(includes food):.........................................NZ$180~240
Room in flat/apartment:............................................NZ$80~~190

How much does accommodation cost while studying in a Taupo, New Zealand English Language School, University or Polytechnic?

The cost of  student accommodation in Taupo, New Zealand  is generally less than that of other English speaking countries. The above prices are a general guide only.

How much is a New Zealand Dollar (NZ$) worth?

The above table gives the current exchange rates for number of international currencies.

Please note:

The New Zealand dollar is a lot higher than it's general average - maybe about 20% higher. This has made study in New Zealand a little more expensive than usual, but is still comparatively cheaper than study in the US or UK. 
About New Zealand

New Zealand is a unique country located in the southern  hemisphere. It spans 1600 km from north to south and is approximately 2250km east of Australia. It is made up of the North Island, the South Island and a few outlying islands. Because of it's geographical location it has a large number of unique birds and plants. 

New Zealand has a population of approximately 3.8 million people and is roughly the size of the UK or Japan. The population is made up of people from all over the world.

 Because of it's (mainly) pristine environment New Zealand has become a Mecca for out door activities, such as water sports, tramping (hiking), fishing - both sea and fresh water, scuba diving and skiing.


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